Work with TECHWEST to Design a Bespoke Chemical Injection Pump System to Suit Your Needs

Whether the job involves pumping gas into a system at 150,000 psi or injecting liquid chemicals into a tank at a lower pressure flow rate, TECHWEST Williams Chemical Injection can help. We design gas, liquid and chemical injection systems for companies like yours. Best of all, every single one of our chemical injection pumps is a bespoke solution, built to suit your needs and no one else's. In other words, no matter how unique your needs, TECHWEST can design something that fits the bill.

What We Do

Since we opened our doors in 1992, TECHWEST Williams Chemical Injection has grown to service a plethora of different companies across numerous different industries. From mining operations to food and beverage processors, airline and defence industries to oil and gas companies, TECHWEST today provides chemical injection pump solutions for a broad range of different applications.

We would not be able to serve such a versatile customer base without the ability to design pump systems for various purposes. However, by collaborating with Milton Roy companies—known globally for manufacturing dosing pumps and water treatment systems—we are always well equipped to approach a project from a custom or bespoke angle.

With products from a multitude of different Milton Roy companies at our disposal, our small but experienced team can put together the ideal chemical injection pump for you. Whether the chemical is methanol, a biocide or a corrosion inhibitor, we have system components designed for the application in question. The Milton Roy product range is so extensive that there is virtually no type of chemical dosing system that we can't build for you.

At TECHWEST, we have been collaborating with Milton Roy for 15 years now. Rest assured that our team will bring extensive knowledge of Milton Roy products to the table—no matter the project.

Hire or Buy a Chemical Injection System from TECHWEST Williams Chemical Injection

If your industrial operation requires a new chemical injection pump that has been specially selected and tailored to suit your needs, call TECHWEST Williams Chemical Injection today. We offer chemical injection systems for purchase or hire throughout Australia or South-East Asia. Please note that our 'for hire' range is not nearly as extensive as our full purchase range. Get in touch with our team if you wish to find out what your 'for hire' options are, and how the hire price points compare to purchase prices.

No matter your industry or your chemical dosing requirements, our team at TECHWEST Williams Chemical Injection will use their knowledge, experience and customisation skills to build the perfect chemical injection pumps for your purposes. To start discussing our bespoke pump solutions, or to learn more about the Milton Roy product range, feel free to get in touch with us today. You can reach TECHWEST right now, either by dialling 08 9267 5560 or by sending an email to