Understanding the Benefits of Using Haskel Pneumatic Driven Pumps in Australia

If your industrial operation is looking for a pneumatic driven pump or pump system for your liquid dosing requirements, then you might consider Haskel pumps, from Australia's own TECHWEST Williams Chemical Injection. Haskel pumps provide safe, high pressure pumping solutions that are appropriate for a broad range of different applications. A Milton Roy company, Haskel is one of the world's most reliable brands when it comes to high pressure liquid dosing.

What Is the Advantage of a Pneumatic Driven Liquid Pump

The Haskel group manufactures a wide range of different pressure pump products. Some of these products even fall into the category of hydraulics. For the most part, though, if you are looking for a Haskel pump in Australia, you are likely looking for a pneumatic driven liquid pump.

What makes a pneumatic driven liquid pump unique, and what benefits can your company enjoy from using a Haskel pump system. Something that is 'pneumatic,' of course, is operated or propelled by pressurised air or gas. You can compare this type of pump system to a hydraulic pump (which uses water to drive the system) or an electric pump (which converts electrical energy to drive the system).

There are numerous advantages to using pneumatically driven pumps, probably the biggest of which is safety. Because they don't use electricity or any hazardous materials, pneumatic pumps are ideal in dangerous environments. From areas where combustible gas is present to high-temperature environments, pneumatic pumps are a beneficial option because they create no heat, flame or spark risk. As a result, pneumatically driven pumps are terrific for meeting strict explosion protection requirements or other stringent safety benchmarks.

Pure safety is not the only reason to consider a Haskel pump system for your needs in Australia. On the contrary, these pumps also offer great versatility (they can be used for most liquid and gas pumping applications), high pressure capability (up to 100,000 psi) and a simple design that is easy to maintain.

Choosing the Right Haskel Pump in Australia

At TECHWEST, we are happy to be your source in Australia for Haskel pumps. Before you buy, though, you might consider speaking with one of our advisors. TECHWEST currently stocks seven different Haskel liquid pump series, each of which includes two and 97 models. Each series and model offers different maximum pressure, flow rate and potential applications.

Speaking with a TECHWEST advisor about your wants and needs will help you choose the Haskel pump that is ideally suited to your requirements. We can also help you understand the basic design of pneumatically driven liquid pumps, tell you more about the advantages of these types of pumps or steer you in a different direction if another type of pump might suit your needs more efficiently.

To find out more about Haskel pumps in Australia, get in touch with TECHWEST Williams Chemical Injection today. You can speak with one of our representatives by calling us on 08 9267 5560.