TECHWEST Connects Companies to Haskel Pumps in Perth, Delivering Full Installation and Repairs Services

In 1954 Haskel - a subsidiary of Accudyne Industries, one of the world’s premier petrochemical processors - redefined the market, launching its dry-running hydraulic gas booster. This option (the first of its kind) established the company as a leading force in design and development, and it built a foundation of progress. That foundation remains steady today, with mining, oil and gas, and diving organisations relying on a variety of innovative applications.

TECHWEST is a proud supplier of those applications. Since 1992 we’ve served as the leading provider of Haskel pumps in Perth - connecting our clients to the dynamic engineering they deserve. We believe that superior results demand equally excellent products, and we strive to accommodate the needs of every company through a wide selection of chemical injection and amplifier systems.

We also endeavour to promote convenience. With every Haskel pump in Perth comes a promise of service. We don’t simply offer parts. We also offer repairs and full system builds, ensuring that our clients receive custom solutions for their unique needs. To learn more contact the TECHWEST team via our online form. We’ll gladly answer any questions or concerns.

Seeking Perth Haskel Pumps: Our Selection

The history of Haskel pumps in Perth is one steeped in progress - with every year revealing a new engineering feat, tailored to the changing standards of Australia’s industrial market. As the premier authorised vendor of these products, we help our clients find the solutions they need.

Our selection of Haskel options includes:

Liquid Pumps - These pneumatic devices cater to medium and high-pressure demands, delivering steady flow rates and adaptable hydraulic fluid responses. Available systems include the M-Series and the Model S.

Gas Pumps - These Perth Haskel pumps offers medium to ultra-high capabilities, accommodating both single stage and double stage demands. The available Booster Range and Booster Range S promises efficiency through optimum outlet pressure and economical performance.

Refrigerant Pumps - these options yield powerful capabilities, utilising cool operations to generate positive displacement. The available Model 5 line requires no bypass valving, instead promoting flexibility with every installation.

Each Haskel pump in Perth enables companies to achieve sterling results, precisely responding to all industry demands. To provide further convenience, we also pair these options with a series of complementary products, including air amplifiers, inject rate control devices, and liquid pressure test packs. To learn more contact us today.

Repairs and Full System Builds: Choosing a Haskel Pump in Perth

Service is our cornerstone - which is why we proudly deliver Haskel pumps to Perth, providing our clients with both product repairs and system builds. Our engineers work tirelessly to create custom solutions for every industry and, to do this, we offer a wide selection of spare parts and reconstructions.

We can quickly replace established Perth Haskel pumps or provide bespoke replacements - ensuring that companies achieve high results. To learn more contact the TECHWEST team on 61-08-9267-5560 or by email (