A Pack for Your Company: Pneumatic and Hydraulic Power Packs for Perth Businesses

Power units are a must for many businesses, but did you know that they come in different varieties? Depending on your business, one may suit you considerably better than another. To be specific: when you're in the market for one of these products, you may be looking for either a pneumatic or a hydraulic power pack. Perth business owners now have an excellent provider of both: TECHWEST Williams Chemical Injection.

TECHWEST has been around since 1992, but we now offer a wide variety of power packs for companies in all kinds of different industries, including Oil & Gas, Aerospace, Food, Government Utilities and many others. This article contains some helpful information about the differences between pneumatic and hydraulic power packs, as well as how to get them in or around Perth.

Which One is Right for Your Business in Perth: A Pneumatic or a Hydraulic Power Pack?

Hydraulic power packs use liquid, while pneumatic power packs use compressed air. That's the fundamental difference, but each system is better suited to different purposes. Testing, jacking, clamping and many other operations all require a reliable power pack of some kind, but the type of product you need for your business may not always be apparent. Many companies who work in pipeline testing, for instance, prefer hydraulic power packs because the liquid contains less potential energy than air used in pneumatic packs and is less volatile in case of an accident. However, companies looking to minimise wear and tear on their infrastructure may prefer pneumatic packs, since their air contains no microbes that could affect their materials over time, unlike liquid.

When trying to decide on the appropriate power pack for your business, one should always seek out the advice of an industry specialist. Companies like TECHWEST, who have decades of experience, are always good people to call. We’ve been supplying both types of power packs to industries based out of the Perth area for many years, so we’re well qualified to consult with you about your power needs.

More Than Just a Supplier: the TECHWEST Advantage

At TECHWEST, we pride ourselves on being able to do much more than just sell you a power pack. In addition to our consulting services, we’ll also test the units out ourselves so that you’re guaranteed to get a product that works properly. We also train your staff on how to use our products safely, install them, and provide comprehensive tech support in case you have any questions or concerns once the installation is complete. We've chosen to stay small while other companies expanded as quickly they possibly could so that we can keep providing completely integrated service and comprehensive customer support to our clients. It's what gives us an edge on the competition.

Whether you’re looking for pneumatic or hydraulic power packs in the Perth area, TECHWEST has you completely covered. Contact us immediately to learn about the many options available to your business, and to experience our attentive customer service first hand.