Haskel Products

Techwest are proud to be the appointed authorised sales and service agents for the Haskel Products which are used in the Mining, Chemical, Diving and Oil & Gas Industry for high pressure gas and liquid applications. Haskel have a large range of products, including:

  • Gas Booster Pumps
  • Air Amplifiers
  • Chemical Injection Pumps
  • Liquid Pumps
  • Inject Rate Control Device (IRCD)
  • Liquid Pressure Test Pacs

Techwest carry an extensive range of Pumps, spare parts and service kits in stock to ensure good supply and turn around service of Haskel pumps.

haskel_liquid_pumps.jpg haskel_gas_boosters.jpg haskel_systems.jpg haskel_product_overview.jpg
Liquid Pumps Gas Booster Pumps Systems Products Overview
haskel_air_amplifier.jpg haskel_high_pressure_valves.jpg haskel_boot_strap_nitrogen_booster.jpg haskel_high_pressure_systems.jpg
Air Amplifiers High Pressure Valves & System Components Bootstrap Nitrogen Booster High Pressure System Technologies
haskel_ircd.jpg haskel_oxygen_hand_boosters.jpg haskel_oil_and_gassapplications.jpg haskel_fire_fighting_applications.jpg
IRCD's Oxygen Hand Boosters Oil & Gas Applications Fire Fighting Applications
haskel_aviation_applications.jpg haskel_refrigerant_pumps.jpg    
Aviation Applications Refrigerant Pumps    

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